Course Substitution.

Form and Process

To submit a BLC Course Substitution request, please click on the following survey link. Final approval will be made by the Business Leadership Center.



The following elective courses appear on the Business Leadership Minor Checksheet and are generally offered each semester:
MGT 3444
Multicultural Diversity in Organizations (spring only)
MGT 4314
International Management
COMM 2044 Principles of Public Relations
COMM 3064 Persuasion
COMM 3124 Interpersonal Communication
HUM/COMM 3204 Multicultural Communication
SOC 2024
Minority Group Relations
SOC 3614
Gender and Work in the United States
In addition, the following courses support the objectives of the minor and will be accepted as substitutions for electives. Students must seek approval of the substitution with the BLC Director. Other courses not listed here will be considered. Students must submit a course syllabus to the BLC Director for review.
AFST 1714 Intro African American Studies
AFST 3454 African American Leadership for Social Change
AINS 1104 Intro American Indian Studies
COMM 4044 International Communication
COMM 4074 Organizational Communication
GEOG/IS/PSCI 2034 Geography of Global Conflict
HTM 2454 Travel & Tourism Management
HTM 3484 Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism
APS/HUM 1704 Intro to Appalachian Studies
IS 3615 International Relations
IS 4734 International Conflict Management
MGT 3324 Organizational Behavior
PHIL 2304 Global Ethics
PSCI/IS/GEOG 2054 Introduction to World Politics
PSCI 3314 Congress
PSCI 3324 The Presidency
PSYC-2044 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 2054 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 3014 Abnormal Psychology
SOC 3014 Gender Relations (spring only)
UAP 3344 Global Environment Issues
UAP 4184 Community Involvement
WGS 1824 Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies
WGS 2224 Women and Creativity
WGS 2264 Race, Class and Gender
WGS 4124 Topics in Culture

If you decide to take or have taken one of the above courses, please complete the survey. No additional emails are required.This is a general list of electives. Other classes may be accepted.

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